Why did I started blogging again?



To be completely honest with you, I don’t like writing. It is really hard for me in English. But it feels good after I do it, especially when people tell me how much they loved my story, or felt touched by it. That’s worth it for me!


I am a photographer, specializing in documenting weddings with photojournalistic style.

But what the heck does that mean?


It means that I document the memories and special moments that are happening during this important day of your life. I’m not there to set up a photo shoot and tell everybody what to do.

I believe the raw, organic pictures will mean more to you than the perfectly posed, pretty ones. Even if they are not perfect, it’s the memory that matters! #realisbetterthenperfect  

Documenting weddings to me also means there are other people celebrating with you. Your parents, grandparents, kids, good friends, old friends, new friends. And you will want to remember everybody. Weddings are all about witnessing how two families becoming one!


My mission is to show people what really matters in our life.

With this blog I want to encourage every couple to focus more on making memories with people you love, instead of stressing out about having everything be perfect. Enjoy your engagement, have fun with your wedding planning and get a kick out of our your big day. Relax, and soak it all in!


Do you have a unique idea for your wedding? Do you want to try something different than what everybody else is doing?

Don’t be afraid to be different!

I’m all about non-traditional and unexpected. But let me explain what I mean by non-traditional. If there is a tradition that would mean a lot to you and your family then keep it. Like walking down with your dad or having a father-daughter dance. But if you feel like brides shouldn’t wear a white dress or the garter toss is weird, then ditch it! Do what you believe in. It’s your wedding, start your own traditions.


I will also share personal stories about my real life. My Hungarian traditions, how I stay in touch with my family, everyday life with my husband, my daughters … and everything that comes with it. #multiculturalmarriage


My goal with this blog is to inspire you with non-traditional wedding planning, engagement celebrating and help you find what you truly want (instead of what’s expected). I want to encourage you to be yourself, be different and let your emotions loose. Smile, laugh, cry, yell, hug, kiss… do whatever you want.


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Although I was born in Serbia, graduated in Italy and have been living overseas for 14+ years, I'm very proud of my Hungarian heritage.
I love documenting my life adventures, trying out healthy recipes and herbal remedies, or going on family trips in our new home, Canada.

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