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The first time I started blogging was in 2005 (if I’m counting correctly), when I spent my summer in Rimini, Italy. I was studying Italian in a summer school and worked as a freelance web designer from my small apartment I rented with few other students. That was my first time being away from my family, friends and home for a longer period of time. So I decided to start a blog, and share my journey with everybody who was interested… Well, and whoever can read in Hungarian.

Two years later my dream came true and I moved to Milan. I had an other reason to continue writing my blog, share some photos and document my adventures…

2008 was a life changing year for me! That summer I met my husband, moved to the US in November and got married before the year was over. Crazy! I know! But there is more. As spring came, we were expecting our first baby.

If you’d like to ready a little bit more about my career path then check out the “How I become a photographer” post. But to stay on topic, after moving to Washington I closed my first “single girl’s adventure in Italy” blog and started the “Hungarian-American family’s life in USA” journal that in 2010 became “the denning blog”. And that’s about it for my blogging history. Three years later life got complicated and I stopped writing.

But my passion for documenting hasn’t stopped (aka I was taking pictures every. single. day.) and as technology changed I found other ways to communicate with my family and friends. We learned and adopted to have a long distance relationship.

I’m so happy that now, 5 years (whaat?) later we found balance in our life, and I’m able to start this new journal IN ENGLISH! Woohoo! I’d like to apologize in advance for any mistakes or misspelling I make. English is not my first language, but I have been using it for almost 10 years now, so no more excuses. Haha!

Since then we moved to Arizona and had another baby girl. I’m now able to continue building my dream job and passion; documenting other people’s life and journey. I’m so excited to share so many stories about -not only my life, family and travels- but everything I’ve learned about marriage, documenting moments, relationships and weddings.

Welcome to the Edit Vasadi blog! I’m happy to have you here, and can’t wait to chat with you in the comment box.



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Although I was born in Serbia, graduated in Italy and have been living overseas for 14+ years, I'm very proud of my Hungarian heritage.
I love documenting my life adventures, trying out healthy recipes and herbal remedies, or going on family trips in our new home, Canada.

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