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We already went through the dilemma about do you need photo albums or not, do you have to print out your digital pictures or not? So I’m hoping you took my advice and printed out (or are planning to) all of your photos. Now the question is, what do I do with them?! What type of process or purpose do you need to have for these photos?

Do you want to showcase the beautiful places you traveled to, the fun wedding moments, memories with your family, or just have simple portraits of people you love?


Let’s break this topics into 3 questions:  what, where and why?

WHAT kind of pictures do you want to have printed out?

Most people would choose photos based on memories they want to remember daily. So first you need to ask yourself: What do I want to be looking at every day? Do I remember how the photo was taken? Do I even want to have photos of myself in our home? Which colors are dominating in my home, and do I want the photos to match with the environment?

-photos of your family, kids, pets

(Would you have perfectly posed portraits of your family, or snippets of moments that you want to be reminded of, even if the picture itself is not aesthetically perfect?)

-photos of your wedding

(Keeps you focused on why you got married, and what this relationship means to you.)

Why would you want to have photos from your wedding displayed in your house?

Most likely because you want to remember why you got married, why you love each other, why you choose each other for the rest of your live, why you started this family together…


As a wedding photographer I often help my clients make a decision what type of pictures would they want to have printed out. A still portrait where you can see the your faces and outfits nicely, the location. Is that important to you? Or you want a more moment focused image that tells a story about your wedding day? Out of thousands of photos deciding which one to choose is really hard. You’ll want to have that photo displayed to remember something.

Regardless if it’s a huge wall art above your couch or just a small wallet print, I don’t think size matter if we are talking about looking at a photo that gives us an emotion.

We have a tiny photo booth picture on our fridge that my husband and I took at an event. I really love it because every time I glance at it, makes me remember why we love each other.

-photos of somebody you miss or can’t be with all the time (parents and friends who live so far, or grandparents who passed away and you miss them)

Since my girls only get to see their Hungarian grandparents once or twice a year, I used to print out portraits of them for their rooms. It helped us a lot to talk about our family who lives in another country.

-photos of places you’ve visited, or your home country that you miss

I love photos of specific locations that we have a strong connection with. Like Hungary, Italy, Serbia, or Croatia. I’m always looking for photos that tells a story of our adventures that we are making together as a family. When I look at that pictures I just want to remember that moment. I simple portrait can’t give you that feeling.


Is displaying photos in your home something you keep putting aside?

To be honest, I’m really bad at printing out photos! We don’t really have much in our home. Mostly because we are renovating our home, painting walls, so that’s my excuse for now. But the truth is I’m very much overthinking this! As a photographer I’m constantly taking new photos and I’m excited to create something that will look good on our wall. But then next time I take something better. I’m afraid I’ll change my mind or get bored of it. Maybe some kind of series of replaceable photos would be a great solution for me.

Did you ever fall in love with an old photo that you didn’t like at first?

I constantly feel like wanting to change pictures. I would print out my favorite photo, then after a couples of months, I would get bored of it. So I take it down, or replace it with something else.

But after a couple of years, as I stumble upon some old photos, I really love seeing them again.

What if you and your partner can’t agree on what to display in your home?
My husband would rather have art pieces on our walls then photos. He feels weird having photos of himself in our home. So we try to compromise and find a good balance.

Or what if your partner has a very specific art or decor from their culture? It reminds them of home, or the culture they miss. This could also be a compromise in a multicultural relationships, plus it’s a great way to balance out all the photographers around the house.


WHERE can you display the photos that you have printed out?

-In you home:

 /Living room and family room, kids room

 /hall or entrance for arriving guests to see

 /office area (you can put some smaller photos on the shelf)

 /bathroom or bedrooms can also be a good place to decorate with pictures

 /kitchen (don’t forget the fridge 🙂

You can have bigger images hanging on the wall, or smaller photos on the shelf. The benefit of photos on the shelf is you can move them around and change them easily. You also have an opportunity to display more pictures and tell a story.

-At your work space

-For your wallet, purse or backpack

-Into your car

-Just for temporary use

Have you thought about printing your photos on something other than paper?

Pictures look really good on wood, metal, acrylic, glass, even on fabric (as a pillow, or blanket). Especially if it matches with the environment you want to display the photos in.

Nowadays you can print out your photos even on 3d objects. For example: vase, cube, mug, puzzle, coloring page, sticker, tattoo…Possibilities are endless!

Check out my Pinterest Board to get inspired!


How are you going to put all of these photos up?

-Do you only want one large photo on your wall, maybe above your couch or fireplace?

-Do you want a series of smaller photos or mountage (great for more open wall spaces or long hall)?

-Decide on the positioning of the photo (if the ceiling is tall you’d want vertical images).

-Be aware the colors on the photo and of the wall.

-Displaying smaller photos in a grid is really popular now (looks like Instagram).

-Do you want to tell a story or have pretty portraits of people you love?

-What kind of material do you want to use?

-Make sure you have a good enough quality to print out a larger photo?

-Make sure it’s bright enough (photos on your phone can look different than printed ones).

-Do you want color or black and white images?

-Think about window reflection and brightness of the wall, test it first with a mockup.

-Would this be a permanent or temporary display?

WHY should you display and print your photos?

Like I’ve mentioned before I lost our digital wedding photos. All we have is what I printed out at that time for the wedding album. So I would strongly encourage you to print all of your images, because the digital files can get outdated, ruined and lost, but those prints will be there forever. You don’t even have to display them, just put them away in a box.

The main reason people want to display their photos is because they want to remember a specific event and moment. You want to have a memory of somebody, you want to show of to others (location or person), want to decorate a place (house or office), celebrate your culture or gift photos to your family and friends living far away from you and haven’t get to see you all that often.


What to do with the photos you don’t need?

You can get bored of the photos you see daily. You have a better photo, your kids grow up, you get a divorce (hopefully not this one!), you have to move to a smaller place.

Ok, what should we do with them?

-Just put them away. In a box, on the attic. (You, or your kids may want them in the future.)

-Take them out of the frame and put them in a album.

-If you decided to throw them away, scan them first. (or took a photo of it)

-Reuse them in some diy art project or create a decor.

If you have just a little doubt, don’t throw them away! You don’t have to be attached to memories or past, but it’s always good to honor them.

What about displaying your photos digitally?

You can get those electronic photo frames that can play a few photos in a slideshow format. The good thing about these is that you can switch your images around as often as you want. There is not pressure.

You can also just play that slideshow on your TV too. This is a great option to show a trip or your wedding to the guest visiting your home.

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