What do you need to know before the engagement session?




Not every culture or country has the tradition where couples have professional photos taken as a celebration and announcement of their engagement. But if you do, in this podcast episode I’ve collected a couple of things that you should know and think about before booking your pre-wedding session.


Your engagement photos don’t have to be boring portraits at the local park, try to recreate a memory or meaningful moment that’s important to YOU.



The benefits of an engagement photoshoot:

1, Great way to get to know your wedding photographer

Their working and dressing style. The energy of your photographer will reflect on how you feel and how your pictures will turn out.

2, Photographer can learn your personality

Not just individually, but your relationship as a coupe. Also they can take notes if you have any language barriers or cultural struggles.

Plus: Most of the time the session would be part of your wedding package, so you get a pretty good deal!

3, Great reason and experience to have some professional pictures taken

Have your hair and makeup done, if that’s important to you!

4, It’s a fun way to relieve some of your memories with your partner

How and where you two met, had your first kiss, proposed. Had a significant moment together. Special place you like to visit often.

Just moved to a new place? It’s a good time to go and explore. And make sure to ask your photographer for suggestions.


After you get married, your love is going to change. It will get deeper and more meaningful as you two grow together. That’s why I believe in documenting that feeling at beginning of your relationship will have a lot of value in your future (and for your kids).


5, You’ll get different types of pictures than from the wedding

Relaxed, more casual, with different season and locations, and variety of outfits.

6, Now you have a ton of photos to use

For save the date, invitation, announcement, Facebook and Instagram posts, reception display, slideshow, wedding website…etc.

You can also send some photos to your family, who may never had a chance to meet your fiancee, because they live in another country. Let them see how much you two love each other!:)



What do you need to know before you book the engagement photo shoot?

1, Decide on time, season and how long you’d want the session to be

2, Find a meaningful location

I’m not a big fan of crowded popular places in town or nearby parks, because you don’t have any memories from that place. It doesn’t have a meaning to you. Find something that speaks to you as a person individually, or as couples together. Be creative!


If you were in a long distance relationship, maybe having an at home, cozy session on the couch would be a great idea, since you two most likely had so many movie nights and Skype chatting dates together. Or how about airport engagement session? I’m sure it will bring lots of memories!


3, What is the story of your photoshoot? What kind of activities or ‘poses’ do you like?

You can bring some items or props that have been been significant in your relationship.

4, Shotlists, mood boards are not favored by photographers but if it helps to communicate your vision, I think it can be great to have.

5, Do you have a specific cultural tradition, ceremony or ritual?

Are there any restrictions and expectations? Like some cultures don’t allow kissing in front of the camera.

Do you want to wear a traditional outfit, use a particular location?

How about booking a photoshoot for your engagement party?

6, Get yourself ready mentally and emotionally

Try to think of ways you can warm up into the session. Connect with you partner so the two of you can get into the zone. Get coffee, take a walk, cuddle. Don’t come to the shoot fighting!

Tip: Plan a date for the same day, so you can continue the fun!

7, Try to meet or FaceTime with the photographer

Beside getting to know her or him, and feeling more comfortable, you can also ask some important questions. It’s way easier that emailing back and forth to each other.

8, Get everything ready!

Plan on wardrobe and other look details that compliments each other. Book a hair and makeup artist.

10, What are you going to do with all of those photos?

Albums, wall prints, online posts, printing goods, gifts for parents and grandparents (Hint: they like more traditional posed pictures.) Make sure that your photoshoot theme matches with the wedding, if you’re planning to use those images on your wedding day.


Bonus idea: Hire a professional photographer for the proposal and continue the celebration with an engagement session.


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