Why Adam and I love to travel together!




Most of the time when Adam and I travel, we are visiting my family, or going on a vacation with them.

Each year we make sure to escape for a few days, and travel around in a new country. Just him and I. No kids, no parents, no siblings.


Why Adam and I love to travel together!

1. It reminds us how we met. Falling in love while wandering around in a foreign country.⁠⁠

2. It’s our time to reconnect and freshen up our marriage. No kids allowed!⁠⁠

3. We are good at different things, which makes the trip so much more enjoyable. I can speak some languages and he is better with directions.⁠⁠

4. We love traveling! (Who doesn’t?) We love to get lost, try something new and adopt to new situations.⁠⁠


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Although I was born in Serbia, graduated in Italy and have been living overseas for 14+ years, I'm very proud of my Hungarian heritage.
I love documenting my life adventures, trying out healthy recipes and herbal remedies, or going on family trips in our new home, Canada.

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