How to combine multiple cultures on your wedding day?




Wedding planning is hard, but when you have to mix multiple cultures together, it can get pretty complicated! Especially if you and your fiancee have extremely different cultural backgrounds.


Many multicultural couples worry what will their friends and family think about the new culture they are marrying into.

But people are usually excited and interested to get to know a very different culture, a country they never been to, hearing a new language, or tasting diverse food. Most of your friends and families already know that you are in a relationship with somebody from another culture, who has different traditions. So those invited to your wedding will most likely already expect some kind of unique spin and ritual on your day.


So which cultural tradition should you incorporate into the wedding?

There will be traditions that you want to keep and some of them that you’d rather exclude!

Some things are easy to mix up: like food, music, decoration, or even outfits. Other elements of the wedding are a bit more challenging. Especially your main event, the ceremony and vows.

Some of the questions I’ll be covering in this podcast episode:

  • What would people think about my fiancee’s different cultural traditions?
  • Where should I even start with the multicultural wedding planning?
  • What about traditions that we would like to exclude?
  • Should we have two ceremonies?

Try to think about your multicultural wedding as a really fun new experience for all of your guests. Don’t stress, and try to please everybody by giving them what’s ‘expected’. This is your chance to introduce the other cultural into your family, and into your friends’ life! So be proud of it!


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