Why is having a website so important for your multicultural wedding?




Creating a website for your wedding can be very helpful and fun. But if you are planning a multicultural wedding, having a website where you can collect all the important information is a must!

As a former web designer I’ve always enjoyed discovering new ideas and creating something for my website. So I put my passions together, and decided to create something that can help you. A handful of ideas that couples can add to their wedding website. And to make it even easier, I’ve put everything into a checklist.


When you are inviting people from all over the world, trying to communicate in different languages, explaining a variety of cultural traditions, becoming a tour guide, and food expert, the wedding planning can become overwhelming. So why not put all of this information on a website and direct your guest to it?

My favorite free platform for setting up a wedding website is ZOLA. I love it because you can customize a bunch of things! Like changing the language of your navigation bar, adding RSVP lists, adding maps, calendars, travel information,… and if you are setting up a registry, they have that already built in. I’ve made a tutorial on my Youtube channel if you need help getting started or learning how to navigate the site, but it’s pretty easy!

And if you decide to register with Zola through my website, I get an affiliate commission which is a great way to support the Getting Married Multiculturally podcast community! THANK YOU!


When should I have a wedding website?

I’ve heard from so many of you that planning a multicultural wedding is hard! You need to make decisions that other couples would not think about. Parents meeting for the first time, translating everything to a foreign language, making sure all of your guests will like the food you are planning to serve. 

When you have a website, it can be used as a wedding invitation. Because sending cards all over the world in multiple languages can get expensive fast. Your website is also a great place to show some pictures and videos, share stories about your partner. Or write a short introduction about your parents and siblings.

On Zola’s platform there is also an option to set up Q&A’s which would be a great place to clear out some confusing questions like what is the dress code, will you have an unusual ritual, cultural expectations, tips for jet lag, do I need to exchange money… there is just so many! My other favorite feature is the RSVP section that lets you keep track all of your guest information.

If you feel overwhelmed just grab this checklist and start building up your website from there. It doesn’t have to be completely done at first. That’s the best thing about websites, you can update it as often as you want. Just make sure you tell everybody to visit the site regularly.


What if some of my guests doesn’t have an internet?

I’m pretty sure you are going to have guests who don’t have or use electronics, or even the internet. Be considerate and accept that you may have to send out some paper invitations, make a phone call, or print out some of the most important information that you already added to your website. 

But regardless of the situation, you should have a downloadable and printable version uploaded onto your website (or sent to everybody via email) anyway. When traveling to a new country we often don’t have any internet access, and you don’t want anybody to wander around or bother you with a million questions on your big day.


Make your website fun!

After you are done sharing the must have information and details, you can think about adding some fun facts, photos, and stories to your website. How did you two meet and get engaged? Show your traveling adventures and future dreams. This is a great place to embed links to YouTube videos or Pinterest boards about specific cultural traditions. Don’t forget to incorporate multiple languages so all of your friends and family can understand it. Especially if for some reason they will be unable to go to your wedding. 


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