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Marcela’s Mexican-American Wedding


My guest today is Marcela.

Marcela is from Mexico, and she lives in Texas with her American husband, Brian. They had a blended Mexican-American wedding, spiced up with some Game of Thrones and Harry Potter themes. 

Marcela is sharing some of her journeys and experiences when she was planning their multicultural wedding:

-How did her family react to marrying somebody from a different culture?

-What kind of Mexican traditions did she implement into their wedding day?

-Why did they choose one tradition over the other?

-How did their friends and family experienced this day?

Photos by: H-Town Studio

“My friends and family loved the fact that we did what we wanted on our American-Mexican wedding day. We didn’t want to do all the traditional things, just because that’s the way it should be. I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, so anybody who knows me, knows that there is going to be Harry Potter. All of our friends are huge Game of Thrones geeks, and that’s our friendship. That’s our life. So, more than anything people appreciated that this day was about us. That is was a Marcela and Brian wedding.”


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