Melli and Ryan Love Story




Melli and I met through a dating app. I give a different story whenever we’re asked and say things like “she cat-phished me on Tinder” or “I ordered her online” and we have a laugh or two.

However, we met on OkCupid and dealt with the perils and stresses of online dating. I had mostly given up on using dating apps but kept my accounts open because you never know what could happen.

Finally, one day last summer I got a message from a cute girl saying that after she read my profile she “just had to message me.” It took close to a month of nervous messaging, and the uncertainty of whether she was actually interested in me, for us to finally meet. I’m sure my friends were happy to finally have me stop pestering them about how amazing this girl was and she was never going to be into me.

We met for Boba tea and sat nervously as we talked about superheroes and comic books while I awkwardly shifted my legs every 5 seconds. Once the tea shop filled up with angsty pre-teens we relocated to a table outside to continue our conversation about Ruroni Kenshin and other anime. A few hours had passed at this point and I was still too anxious to sit still, so I suggested we walk around the plaza and keep talking. Towards the end of the walk I realized how hungry I was and debated for some time if I should bring up getting food or a drink, but I was so nervous she would use that as a jumping point to end that date that I just kept it to myself.

Not too long after, and once we hit the end of the shopping center, I caught a whiff of something delicious from a nearby Chinese restaurant. My hunger took over my mouth and asked if she was hungry. She said no. This was one of those moments where a few seconds lasted decades. I felt like the date was going to end and someone attached an anchor to my heart and threw it down my stomach. But, she asked me if I was hungry and I rambled off I was fine and could eat later; once she found out I had only eaten a banana for lunch she insisted we go get food.

We sat at the bar drinking our beers and whiskey sours each taking a turn to run to the restroom to text our friends how the night was going. Once we were settled in and my hunger passed, we huddled together staring at our phones showing each other our favorite web comics. There were many moments I felt the urge to kiss her while we sat at that bar, but I didn’t act on a single one. I didn’t want her to think that’s all I was interested in and hoped she’d be understanding of that.

We left the restaurant and walked some more. We stopped at a store selling Halloween decorations and we window shopped for a while. We began talking about our favorite Halloween movies and which were the staple films we had to watch every year. I brought up The Crow, Beetlejuice, The Addams Family, and once I said The Lost Boys she stopped me. She took my face into her hands and kissed me.

I had assumed maybe saying The Lost Boys triggered something, but I came to find out later on she had been waiting for me to kiss her since the bar and she literally took matters into her own hands.


Over a year later, and many more dates equally cute and awkward as this one like when we grabbed dinner dressed as Snow White and Harry Potter, and we still don’t seem to be losing any steam.


Written by: Ryan Wise

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