How I met my Husband / part 2



 We spent the whole night just walking around the streets of Milan.


In 2008 my amazing year at Scuola Politecnico di Milano was about to end, and I remember everybody was so relaxed and happy. I got comfortable speaking Italian, and couldn’t wait to start my next journey in Milan.

On one of our last weeks I was working with my friend, Roberta on our final presentation when she suggested to take a break and go check out the car designers. We walked into the clay room, trying not to disturb anybody. Our friend, Mark was showing us his model and after taking some photos we slowly walked by each car.


At the last model there was a cute, super skinny American guy, with big blue eyes. He immediately started talking to me. In English!… Yikes! I of course tried to be cool, and act like I understood everything. He must have been talking to me for a long time, because when I looked around my friends were gone. So I said a quick goodbye and run away… But I did remember one thing. His name was Adam.



A couple of days later he invited me to a goodbye house party. I was so excited to finally have a chance to get to know him better, but Adam was nowhere to be found. (Turned out he didn’t think I would come. What?!) So I tried to make the best out of it, and stayed, meanwhile everybody was trying to reach him.But by the end of the night I was literally walking out of the door when he finally showed up. Well, lucky for him, because that was the night when we first kissed.



Our relationship was set up for a challenge from the beginning. Adam was about to leave for two weeks to travel around Italy with his family. And three days after that he was flying back to the US… Both of us were crazy busy, but we were trying to find some time to be together. We spent a whole night just walking around the streets of Milan, and trying to get to know each other.



After Adam got back from his trip we had 72 hours to spend together before he flew home. We felt sad and happy at the same time. We didn’t sleep a single hour, we were trying to make as many memories as possible and not to think about the ending.


On June 25th, 2007, when we said goodbye to each other at the Milan airport, (crying our eyes out) I seriously thought I would never see Adam again in my life.


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Although I was born in Serbia, graduated in Italy and have been living overseas for 14+ years, I'm very proud of my Hungarian heritage.
I love documenting my life adventures, trying out healthy recipes and herbal remedies, or going on family trips in our new home, Canada.

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