How I got engaged / part 3



When Adam and I met at the end of our school year in Milan, we both felt that this is something very special.

We found something we didn’t know it even existed. Without speaking each other’s language, we connected very easy.

But shortly after those few dates, Adam had to fly back to Washington and I stayed in Milan to start the new chapter in my life. We promised each other to stay in contact, and this is how our long distance relationship started. I bought an English grammar book and we were emailing and Skyping all day and all night. Mostly because with the 9 hour time difference one of us just had to stay up. It was hard but very romantic. We watched movies together, sent ton of photos about our days, listened music and learned English. We slowly fell in love and started thinking how could we make this relationship work…  

In September, -after three months of constant chatting- Adam came back to visit me. We spent two amazing weeks together. Enjoyed Milan and went to Lake Garda. I remember the weather was really bad. It rained all the time, but we didn’t care at all. I also took him to Vienna (where I had my first Starbucks coffee) and Hungary. I felt so happy to finally show him my hometown, and introduce him to my family and friends.  

On our last night at my family’s house we were up late watching the Notebook movie. Cuddling, half asleep on my parents couch, we started feeling terrified that soon we will have to say goodbye to each other. Again.

After the movie was over Adam looked at me and say: “I’m thinking, what would you say if I ask you to marry me?” I was surprised. But not gonna lie, I knew the answer way before. 

But even though we were engaged, madly in love and excited about our future together, three days later we had to let each other go… Not knowing what was going to happen next.


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Although I was born in Serbia, graduated in Italy and have been living overseas for 14+ years, I'm very proud of my Hungarian heritage.
I love documenting my life adventures, trying out healthy recipes and herbal remedies, or going on family trips in our new home, Canada.

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