How I become a photographer -

How I become a photographer

What drives me the most is documenting moments that will tell stories for generations. Just like I have been doing for my family since I left my home town.

Playing with my dad’s camera – 1998

When I was little, I always begged my dad to let me use his camera. I just loved to document little stories around me and see the world through that camera lens.

In Hungary, when you’re about 14 years old you start to look for a profession that will eventually become your job. So because of my creative side (my mom said I could draw really well 🙂 ) I enrolled in an art school and, even though the photography and videography professor strongly suggested I register for his classes, I decided to become a graphic designer instead.

And even though I was committed to the designer path I chose– my love for taking pictures never left me. I continued to work and throughout the years, as the Internet hit and continued to grow, everybody needed a website. So when I got my first job opportunity as a web designer, I started focusing exclusively on websites.



I wanted to educate myself further so I found a great school in Milan and moved to Italy.

At barely 25 years old, I loved living there! The opportunities were endless. I met a ton of people that shared my same passion and was able to visit some amazing places. I learned Italian and experienced life like never before. But since my family and friends weren’t there with me, documenting my experiences became more and more important to me. I started writing blog posts about my days and complete the little stories with images that showed everything I wanted.



By the end of the school year I met an amazing and passionate American guy named Adam. He asked me to marry him and I followed my heart and moved to the US.

My new husband quickly learned about my love for taking photographs, and on our first Christmas he surprised me with a DSLR camera. To be honest, I didn’t think it was necessary, but I was expecting our first baby and Adam knew that I was going to need something more professional than my little point-and-shoot.

He was right. I was taking pictures of our baby girl every single day, filling up my blog with hundreds and hundreds of images for my family to see.



I shot my first wedding.

A good friend of ours saw my baby pictures and asked me to document her special day. I felt extremely honored, excited…and nervous. It was a beautiful wedding of two young, deeply in love people and the day was filled with joy and laughter.

I had so much fun capturing these important moments that when I went home I told to my husband that this is what I wanted to do. “I want to document love, emotions, people,” I said. “A wedding photographer is who I want to be.”



Although I have put my Masters Degree in Design aside, my graphic and web designer skills will forever come in handy when it comes to composition, lighting and framing an image.



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