The Getting Married Multiculturally Podcast is LIVE! -

The Getting Married Multiculturally Podcast is LIVE!


In my very first episode I’m talking about what the GMM Podcast is all about, plus sharing some Multicultural Wedding Planning Tips. Press play!


Super, super excited for this adventure! I’ve been dreaming about this for so long!

When I got married there was zero information, support or community for us multicultural couples. We had to figure out so many things. From communicating in a new language, living apart from each other, accepting our differences, starting a family… the list goes on!
And I still feel like there isn’t many resources for intercultural couples, which would be especially helpful when you get engaged. Where do you even start with the multicultural wedding planning?

So I’m here to help you! Not just as a wedding photographer but as somebody who has been in a multicultural marriage for almost 10 years.

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