Do you really need an engagement session?




I have never heard anybody say that having an engagement photo session was a mistake. But I do get the question occasionally about what the purpose is, and “do you really need it?”

Because after all, you will be getting a ton of photos from the wedding anyway. Right? Well yes, you will. But let me tell you 6 reasons why I think these short and sweet photo shoots are a great idea for you and your fiancee.


1, You get to know your wedding photographer.

It’s alway a good idea to have the same photographer shooting your engagement session as your wedding. That way you can see their working style, how they dress, and interact with you.

TIP: Make sure you have fun and connect easily with your photographer. Because remember that they will be with you throughout your whole wedding day.

2, Relive your memories, document the significant places.

This is a great way to document meaningful locations and times in your relationship. It’s a great occasion to have some photos taken where your first date or kiss was, or where you two met or got engaged. How about your first home?

TIP: If this place is not where you live, make a great vacation out of it. Destination couple shoots are alway a ton of fun!


Those photos will be so much more meaningful to you than just the ones taken at the park. (Unless your first date was at that park.)

3, It’s a good experience to be photographed professionally.

You will learn what angles and poses you like the most, so on the wedding day you will feel more comfortable when the photographer is taking pictures of you.

TIP: If you have your hair and makeup done professionally for the couple session, that will also give you an opportunity to see how it will look in the photos.

4. The photographer will learn and take notes about your personality.

How the two of you interact with each other. Which will be really useful on your wedding day.

TIP: Act natural, you are preserving memories. Don’t just fake a smile for the camera.

5. You will have different types of photos of the two of you.

Because you don’t just want to have photos in a wedding gown or tuxedo. Having a few casual pictures of the two of you in the house is a great balance.

TIP: I also suggest to have your engagement session in a different season. So for example if your wedding is in summer, try to plan a winter or fall shoot.

6. You now have ton of photos to use for save the date, reception display or a slide show.

TIP: Usually parents and grandparents would also love to have a copy.



I hope these tips were helpful, and now you are excited to have a fun photoshoot. But it doesn’t always have to be for engagement. You can take pictures to simply celebrate your relationship and to document this beautiful stage of your life.


Are you ready to book a session with me?


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