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Living abroad in a Hungarian-American family and my multicultural marriage experience.

How to plan a wedding that celebrating our differences and finding what's important to us.

Advices and tips to document your wedding moments in the real way!

Language barrier, culture shock, long distance and traveling in international relationships.


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  Instagram worthy pictures and fancy styled shoots make us feel like we have to have everything staged, directed and just overall PERFECT on our wedding! But is that really what you want to be doing on this day?  I’m here to convince you to find a photographer who will capture those real, unexpected and […]

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What do I mean by “engaged in taking pictures”? It’s when your wedding guests want group photos, they are ok with posing for the camera, or even just letting the photographer take candids of them. But ‘engaged’ could also mean guests who love to take pictures.  I know! These days with smartphones in our hands […]

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The wedding photographer is the only vendor who will be with you all day, so your relationship with them is very important! The more comfortable you feel, the better the pictures will be. In today’s episode I’m sharing some tips on how to find the perfect fit, and who should be documenting your wedding. Enjoy! […]

how to choose your wedding photographer

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We already went through the dilemma about do you need photo albums or not, do you have to print out your digital pictures or not? So I’m hoping you took my advice and printed out (or are planning to) all of your photos. Now the question is, what do I do with them?! What type […]

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Are you thinking about not hiring a wedding photographer? Did you decide not to spend money on a professional photographer? Not everybody will find it important to document the big events of their life (the wedding, birth of your child, birthday parties…etc.) and that’s completely ok! We are not all the same! There are some […]

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-Where am I even going to put this wedding album?! On my bookshelf? On my desk?! Coffee table?! I don’t even have a coffee table! -It is crazy expensive! We don’t have thousands of dollars after we got married! -I’m never ever going to look at this album! (I have a friend who got married […]

Hungarian girl from Arizona, wife, mama of an American-Hungarian family, podcaster;
helping international couples to embrace this new life they’re starting together and to celebrate their differences. 

hi, my name is edit!
I’m a wedding photographer for intercultural couples who want their story to be documented in a real way.


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