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Living abroad in a Hungarian-American family and my multicultural marriage experience.

How to plan a wedding that celebrating our differences and finding what's important to us.

Advices and tips to document your wedding moments in the real way!

Language barrier, culture shock, long distance and traveling in international relationships.


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Chery and Nathan come from very different cultures, countries and ethnicities. Chery is from a small island in the Caribbean called Curaçao. Nathan is Dutch, and lived the majority of his life in Holland. They met in Chery’s hometown while Nathan was living there with his family. Their relationship started slowly, and after surviving 2 […]

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  Today is Juneteenth. The day when African Americans celebrate their freedom in the United States! Commemoration of the ending of slavery in this country.  And here we are more than 150 years later still fighting against racism! As protesters begin marching in the streets, people all over the world are starting to speak up […]

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  As we were getting close to Valentine’s Day, I wanted to talk about how we, in a multicultural relationship date each other. But I had to realize that our nationality and culture doesn’t necessarily do much when it comes to expressing our love to one another. Maybe in the beginning, as we start dating, […]

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  Friends from all over the World! Which holiday are you celebrating? Christmas? Diwali? Eid? Hanukkah? Chinese New Year? Kwanzaa? … Or I should say HOLIDAYS! Because multicultural people don’t just celebrate one holiday, right?   No matter which holiday you celebrate, in the end it’s about spending time with family. And eating good food! […]

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  An amazing couple, husband and wife duo, Kate and Val, are educating multicultural couples about money and finances. Our conversation was all about how finances affect you emotionally and how it forms your relationships and mindset. Because in a multicultural marriage and relationship we often come from different backgrounds. We were raised differently, or […]

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  I’m so excited to introduce you to Camilla Quintana, who has a very international life. She currently lives in Bilbao, Spain, but is originally from Vienna, Austria. Which is very close to where I’m from. Vienna is actually the city that I fly into when we go visit my family.  Camilla and I have […]

Hungarian girl from Arizona, wife, mama of an American-Hungarian family, podcaster;
helping international couples to embrace this new life they’re starting together and to celebrate their differences. 

hi, my name is edit!
I’m a wedding photographer for intercultural couples who want their story to be documented in a real way.


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