Interview with KC from the Borderless Stories Podcast + Birthday GIVEAWAY




With episode number 43 we hit the one year mark here at the Getting Married Multiculturally Podcast. Woohoo! 

It’s crazy to believe that I’ve recorded my first episode exactly a year ago. So thank you for being part of the GMM podcast community, regardless if you are new to the show, (there is a lot of binge listening to do!), you are a long time follower, or somebody who tunes in occasionally. In the past year I mostly had solo episodes, but a few weeks ago we switched to more interviews. This way you can get inspired from other multicultural couples who already got married and are coming to share their ideas, advice, and experiences. Plus I’ve invited experts to talk about their knowledge and expertise in multicultural weddings, living abroad, adopting new cultures, learning a new language, living long distances apart, traveling…whatever we need, right?

If you think that you fall into one of those categories and would like to be a guest on the podcast, consider this as an invitation! And click the photo below to send me a note!


Ok, since we are celebrating a birthday, there must be a present. Right?!

Well, as a thank you for spending hours with me each week, I want to gift you my Multicultural Planner Stickers. I normally sell them in my GMM shop.

They are great for:

  • Wedding Planners, 
  • Travel Planners, 
  • Moving-to-a-new-country Planners, 
  • Calendar,
  • Album,
  • Cards…

Or for whatever brings you joy!

Just go to, AND when you sign up to grab the stickers, you’ll be automatically entering to win a “Love has no borders” Miniature Bottle. Which is also in my shop. (You get to choose your and your partner’s nationality for the flag.)

Giveaway ends: November 8th, 2019 


Beside the celebration, I wanted to share something different than what I usually do on the GMM podcast! I’m bringing you a conversation that I had with KC from the Borderless Stories Podcast. KC interviewed me a few weeks ago and I talked mostly about my life story and intercultural marriage. I wanted to share our chat with you too, so you can learn a little bit more about who I am. I have to say thought, I was pretty nervous being on the other side of the mic. But you know what?!

It made me think that it doesn’t matter how I feel about myself! If I was able to help anybody out there, or inspire somebody that needed to hear my story, then who cares if I was nervous, or if I’m judging myself? The whole reason I’m having these conversations and spending all of this time creating podcast episodes is to help others.


Make sure to check out KC’s podcast: Borderless Stories Podcast

Follow KC on Instagram: @borderlesskc


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