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Living abroad in a Hungarian-American family and my multicultural marriage experience.

How to plan a wedding that celebrating our differences and finding what's important to us.

Advices and tips to document your wedding moments in the real way!

Language barrier, culture shock, long distance and traveling in international relationships.


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    Most of the time when Adam and I travel, we are visiting my family, or going on a vacation with them. Each year we make sure to escape for a few days, and travel around in a new country. Just him and I. No kids, no parents, no siblings.     Why Adam […]

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PART 1:   PART 2:   I have already talked about what to do when you are scared to move to another country, but what happens when you do move, and all of the sudden start to feel isolated and lonely.   I think this is a syndrome that a lot of us, -who have […]

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  Instagram worthy pictures and fancy styled shoots make us feel like we have to have everything staged, directed and just overall PERFECT on our wedding! But is that really what you want to be doing on this day?  I’m here to convince you to find a photographer who will capture those real, unexpected and […]

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  This summer I spent 5 weeks visiting my family in Europe, and we did a lot of traveling together. Taking mini vacations and making memories. My all time favorite was our trip to Croatia. It’s one of my most liked places on earth! Especially when it comes to relaxing and spending time at the […]

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  We had to deal with learning a new language and communicating in a foreign language with the love of our life… And now we have to plan our wedding around this bilingual craziness too??? Oh boy! I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel like after speaking English for 10-11 years, I should […]

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In the last few weeks I’ve gotten some questions about how can we overcome our fears of moving to another country? To completely change our life for love and marriage. I had to move and start my life over 4 times, but I have to say that throughout these moves I didn’t have a fear […]

Hungarian girl from Arizona, wife, mama of an American-Hungarian family, podcaster;
helping international couples to embrace this new life they’re starting together and to celebrate their differences. 

hi, my name is edit!
I’m a wedding photographer for multicultural couples who want their story to be documented in a real way.


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