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We try to plan our trip to Europe every year. It is very important for me, that at least once a year I get to see my family, catch up with old friends, soak up all the memories, smells and taste.


I feel refreshed. Butterflies in my stomach and happiness in my heart. I guess that’s how it feels visiting your home. We were lucky enough to be able to see my family every summer, in the past 10 years. (Except when I was pregnant or when we moved from Washington state.)

Homesickness goes away as time flies by, and everything suddenly becomes distances and stranger every year. It’s becoming more like a vacation destination.

I really appreciate that my husband is willing to spend our whole vacation time in Hungary. We knew when we got married that going to Europe will be part of our life. That’s just what happens when you have a multicultural marriage and family. But after 10 years, spending our vacation on the same location can get boring, and I’m so thankful that Adam accepted that.



For that reason we do try to go away for a couple of days, just the two of us. To explore Europe, spend time together and refresh our marriage.


Jet Lag is your travel buddy

The fun part about our summer family visits is that every year we face new challenges when it comes to traveling. To get to our final destination it takes us exactly 24 hours, so planning our trip ahead of time is very important. Especially with little ones. I have never traveled without our kids. We have flown with a baby, toddler, older child, one kid, two kids, … This year I’m traveling alone with the girls. OMG! Every age has it’s own challenges. Kids under 2 don’t need a seat, which is a great money saver, but that also means that we will have a toddler on our lap for 10 straight hours. Every time we go, -for that reason- I over plan and schedule everything! We have ton of toys, activities and snacks. And every year somehow we survive!

flying with kids

And let’s not forget about the jet lag challenge every year. Beating 9 hours time difference means total zombie mode for at least 3 days! The No-Jet-Lag homeopathic pill seams to help a lot. And my other tip to beat the Jet Lag Monster is to be outside ALL DAY! The sun and daylight can do magic when it comes to tricking your body. Nights are though, especially when the kids want to be up at 4 am.

Vacation Over Planning Specialist

I run into this mistake every. single. year. No matter how long our vacation is, we want to do and explore so much! And when you are on the go every day, you realize that so much time goes away with in between chores. Packing, washing laundry, grocery shopping, or sitting in the car for hours, feeding the kids and arranging nap times. BUT. This year I’m planning ahead, and I’m planning to go with the flow. So when we get there, I can be fully present and enjoy our time. Haha, we’ll see how that goes! 🙂

The other challenge is traveling with multiple generations. Vacation and relaxing means different to grandparents, little ones or young couples. Everybody wants to do different things, and that’s ok. You have to be patience, flexible and sometime compromise. Also my husband for example loves to explore new cultures, cities and architectures. Me on the other hand just want to lay on the beach with the book in my hand. So we do both.

Babel Tower

When you have a multicultural family languages can also be a challenge or fun part of our trip, depends who you ask! Thankfully mostly everybody speaks English in our family, so my husband can follow our conversation. But I have to say, he is becoming pretty good at understanding Hungarian. The girls also get better at it, when we are with my family.

Also when Adam and I have the opportunity to visit Italy, we are so excited to refresh our dusty Italian. And when we go to Croatia, I can practice my Croatian which is by now buried somewhere really, really deep in my brain. There is just no more room for languages.

croatia, dubrovnic



This year we have so many trips and plans ahead of us and I’m super excited! We are counting down the days!

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