Adventurous Engagement Session in Hungary (Petra and Bence)



engagement in Hungary

I’ve done a couple of photoshoots in Hungary before, but last year when we went back to Europe to visit my family one of my big goals was to meet with an engaged couple and capture their love


engagement in Hungary

So when Petra and Bence called me to do their engagement session, I was beyond excited!

I can’t believe it has been a year since I photographed Petra and Bence in Szombathely, Hungary!

These adorable lovebirds have been together for more than 8 years and their love is truly inspiring. When you are together with somebody for that long it means you’ve been through good and bad! And watching them together made me feel so happy, because it got me thinking about how precious true love really is. Bence was so funny and he made Petra laugh the whole time we were together. I know that they felt nervous and a bit awkward coming into this shoot, since they have never done anything like this before. And on top of that, it was raining all day in Szombathely.

Petra put so much time and effort into choosing the outfits and having her hair and makeup done, so I thought that having the weather work against us was making her even more worried.

But shortly after we met, and started chatting, I realized how laid back they are! Yes it was raining and yes this was their first time in front of a professional camera, but we got together to have fun! And I truly believe this crazy weather was what made this photo shoot so memorable.


engagement in Hungary


First we tried to find a sheltered place, and we ended up climbing into this scary abandoned Soviet military base.

We had Petra’s friend, Dori, and my sister, Emma, with us to help me around the shoot. And my husband, Adam, was the behind the scenes videographer. Otherwise I don’t think I would have been brave enough to go into this creepy house.


engagement in Hungary


We ended up leaving pretty quick, and decided to go to Lukácsháza to take some pretty pictures in a wheat field.

On our way there the rain stopped, so we jumped out of the car to check out an abandoned train. (I know, there is a lot of old stuff and abandoned weirdness to explore in Hungary.) Also, Adam was finally able to fly the drone. And I’m glad he did, because we got so many amazing videos from our adventure!


engagement in Hungary


And the wheat field?! It was the highlight of our session for sure! Everybody was amazed by the breathtaking sunset, that wouldn’t have happened if we don’t have those rainy clouds.


engagement in Hungary


Usually I don’t pose or direct couples as much, because I’m looking to capture their real emotions and those small gestures that shows their personalities. And by the end of the the day, they got so comfortable with me and my camera, that I was able to get really close without making them feel awkward.



Petra and Bence are getting married in Hungary this September and I wish them a life long happiness and lots of fun on their wedding day!!!



We won’t be going to Hungary this year, but my big goal for summer 2019 is to have the opportunity to photograph a European wedding. I’m so so excited to start this new journey in my business and to be able to document some amazing European traditions and cultures!


If you are getting married in Europe next summer, or you know somebody who’s wedding is in June 2019, leave a comment below or send me an email!


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