SO let me SHARE

I started my photography business to inspire people to show what matters in life. 
I believe who we are and how we feel is more important, than what we have or how we look. 
I believe everybody should celebrate their life journeys differently, because we are all different.

But it wasn't until my first daughter was born, when I realized how truly important my passion was. The only way my family was able to watch our daughter grow was by seeing what I have captured with my camera. 

I started taking pictures to remember.
I was documenting my stories to share with those who couldn’t be with me.
I wanted to capture the reality... 

Moving countless times taught me to cherish every moment with the people I love. 

2008 was a life changing year for me.
I graduated, got engaged, learned English, survived our long distance relationship, moved to the US and got married. For immigration reasons we had a very fast and simple courthouse wedding. But for us it was perfect. We just wanted to be together.

I was born in Serbia as a Hungarian girl, and spent my whole childhood in the city called Novi Sad. During the Yugoslavian war, when I was 10, we had to leave our home and move to Hungary.
We started rebuilding our life in a small town called Szombathely.
After turning 25 my dream was to live in Italy, so I learned Italian and found a really good school in Milan. This is where I met my husband, Adam who happened to be American.

my life was never ordinary

It’s a very emotional stage of your life, and for me it’s all about documenting your story and capturing only what matters.
Just like I have been doing for my family.

I don't photograph weddings,
I photograph people at weddings.

So who am I?

I'm a wife
who's forever learning about marriage and to never give up.
I'm a mom
raising two girls to be strong and independent women.
I’m a daughter and a sister
who will always be there, no matter the distance.
I’m a photographer
with a mission to show people what's important in our lives and to not be afraid to be different.