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wedding photography

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We already went through the dilemma about do you need photo albums or not, do you have to print out your digital pictures or not? So I’m hoping you took my advice and printed out (or are planning to) all of your photos. Now the question is, what do I do with them?! What type […]

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Are you thinking about not hiring a wedding photographer? Did you decide not to spend money on a professional photographer? Not everybody will find it important to document the big events of their life (the wedding, birth of your child, birthday parties…etc.) and that’s completely ok! We are not all the same! There are some […]

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-Where am I even going to put this wedding album?! On my bookshelf? On my desk?! Coffee table?! I don’t even have a coffee table! -It is crazy expensive! We don’t have thousands of dollars after we got married! -I’m never ever going to look at this album! (I have a friend who got married […]

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The wedding photographer is the only vendor who will be with you all day, so your relationship with them is very important. The more comfortable you feel, the better the pictures will be.  

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Maybe you think that having a printed version of your wedding photos is not that important. You don’t know where to put that big book or wall print. It’s too expensive, takes up too much space, nobody cares and you can easily share and look those photos on your phone… but what will happen in […]

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There are so many amazing vendors in the wedding industry, and it can get overwhelming when you need to choose the right one. Here are 3 tip on what to look for, when searching for your photographer.


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