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Language barrier, culture shock,
long distance and traveling in international relationships.

multicultural couples

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The annual Phoenix Pride Festival in Phoenix is coming up next weekend! Here are 7 things you should bring to the Phoenix Pride Festival: 1.Your most colorful, rainbow, unicorn crazy outfit. But to be honest, this festival is a celebration of who people truly are. So you should wear whatever you feel like. 2.Your friends. […]

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Not every culture or country has the tradition where couples have professional photos taken as a celebration and announcement of their engagement. But if you do, in this podcast episode I’ve collected a couple of things that you should know and think about before booking your pre-wedding session. Your engagement photos don’t have to be […]

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After almost losing each other we made a promise to never give up and always work hard on our relationship. One of the things I love about my husband is how passionate he is about so many things in life. When we met in Milan, Adam was studying to be a car designer, but he […]


Hungarian girl from Arizona, wife, mama of an American-Hungarian family, podcaster;
helping international couples to embrace this new life they’re starting together and to celebrate their differences. 

hi, my name is edit!
I’m a wedding photographer for multicultural couples who want their story to be documented in a real way.

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