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Blog Post Coming Soon! Resources mentioned in the show: Photographing in Europe: GMM shop: (10%off sale until March 22nd) Hungarian Heritage Day in Phoenix (on March 23rd):

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As many of you know, Women’s Day started in the early 90s, as a movement when women wanted to speak up for their rights. It was a very strong and impactful movement. But in my mind, when I was younger, it was just a fun and joyful, spring-feeling holiday, with lots of flowers! In Hungary […]

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After growing up in Serbia, living in Hungary and Italy I moved to America. Which was a pretty big jump for me! Physically and culturally. So yes, I experienced plenty of culture shock. I left Europe 10 years ago, so I kinda forgot most of these cultural differences. I had to sit down and look […]

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-Where am I even going to put this wedding album?! On my bookshelf? On my desk?! Coffee table?! I don’t even have a coffee table! -It is crazy expensive! We don’t have thousands of dollars after we got married! -I’m never ever going to look at this album! (I have a friend who got married […]

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Valentine’s Day is the second biggest gift giving holiday of the year. (Yep, right after Christmas!) So I wanted to take the opportunity to talk a little bit about gift giving traditions. Most specifically gifting for your wedding day. What are some traditions, etiquette and rules when it comes to different cultures? Respect your partner’s […]

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Lots of countries and cultures have different laws, requirements, traditions and expectations when it comes to changing your name after the wedding. And if you’re marrying somebody from another culture, it may be harder to make a decision about your name changing than you think. But first, let’s see if you even want to change […]


Hungarian girl from Arizona, wife, mama of an American-Hungarian family, podcaster;
helping international couples to embrace this new life they’re starting together and to celebrate their differences. 

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